Here you come with your company for conference or kick-off .

We offer nice facilities, food, drink, lovely surroundings and you also get all the place to yourselves.
We customize according to your needs and desires.
It is possible to get here only over the day or a two day conference with an overnight stay.
We have beds for 27 people.
We have good experience in organizing group activities, training courses and conferences. Do you want to work undisturbed, you have the opportunity!
But if you want, we can offer outdoor activities, collaborative exercises or team building as a pause in the work.
Do not hesitate to call or email us with your questions and requests.
Welcome to this simple, genuine and obvious choice of the conference .



Are you planning 50 birthday party, wedding, bridal shower or bachelor party?

We have the perfect local for your party.
It has a big dining room with seating for about 50 seated guests.
We have more rooms that can be used for dancing or other activities.
We offer help with theme parties, activities, decorations, games and more.
Do you need help with food?
We can help you with catering!
Rent the entire premises .................................. 6000 SEK
(from afternoon-morning the day after)
27 bed spaces available (about 350kr/pers)